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Lights for Less, LLC works with our affiliate partner, Corporate Lamp and Electronic Recycling, to offer you a state of the art lamp and electronic recycling program. They offer both a Corporate or Construction Program to suit your needs.

Recycling Program/Corporate Program

The corporate lamp recycling program is priced on a one-time flat rate fee to make it easier to budget and keep it sustainable. All lamps are picked up at the corporate location and transferred to the recycling plant where they are separated into glass, end caps and mercury and reused by manufacturers around the world.

Computers are ranked as the nation's fastest growing category of solid waste by the Environmental Protection Agency and, one of the most dangerous. Outdated computers contain lead, cadmium, mercury and other harsh components that are damaging to the environment. Many state and federal regulators are making disposal in municipal landfills illegal, and for those local governments that do allow it, landfills are refusing to accept this type of waste. Our electronic recycling program will pick up and recycle all outdated computers, printers, faxes and other electronics.

Recycling Program/Construction Program

Lights for Less and Corporate Lamp & Electronic Recycling (CLER) understand that you are occasionally faced with jobs where you are asked to recycle mercury producing lamps as part of the demolition and electrical contracting.  In most cases, you are also asked to document the manifests and obtain certificates of insurance.  All of this takes time away from the actual labor on the job and normally eats away at your profits.

Through CLER, we implement and manage lamp recycling programs designed to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local environmental regulations and understand the LEED program and its documentation requirements.  The following is a description of our services:
Fluorescent Lamp Recycling and Compliance Services

  1. Supply containers/stickers to be used in collecting used lamps
  2. Pick-up used lamps at the job site
  3. Monitor the practices to ensure compliance
  4. Provide manifests of the lamps collected
  5. Provide individual job Certificates of Recycling
  6. Submit annual report detailing lamp pick-up and recycling for your company that you can use to market your “green” contracting practices.

CLER is different from lamp box programs that you see advertised because we do onsite pickups instead of having them shipped. We believe that box programs can lead to future lawsuits.  Many lamps will break in shipment exposing mercury vapors that exposes your organization to potential lawsuits from employees of common carrier services.   Box programs are also very expensive CLER’s program is not.

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